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Welcome to the world of Guaranteed Rent.

Smart Properties offers Guaranteed Rent Management for landlords in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. We are expanding and are now offering this service to clients in London too! With Guaranteed Rent Management, landlords can have peace of mind knowing that they will receive their rent on time, every time. No more worrying about late or missed payments. It's a hassle-free way to manage your properties.

Hassle-Free Landlord Benefits

Guaranteed Rent Management

Seamless Property Letting with Guaranteed Rent Management

—  Start with a valuation, sign a lease, and enjoy guaranteed income for up to 5 years. We handle it all, hassle-free.


How to get started

Here at Smart Properties, we strive to make property letting as seamless as possible. Get in touch with us online or give us a call, and we'll send one of our experienced professional agents for a free, no-obligation property valuation. Additionally, we’ll even provide recommendations to enhance the value and quality of your property if needed.


Leasing your property to us

To enjoy the perks of our Guaranteed Rent Management, landlords like yourself sign a lease agreement with us for up to 5 years. This way, we can offer you a comprehensive management service while ensuring 100% guaranteed rent. No more worrying about void periods or stress! After conducting an initial inspection of your property, our team will reach out to you with an offer and a proposed lease agreement.


Finalising the agreement

Once we've reviewed and given the leasing agreement a thumbs up, we'll do a final inspection. To sign the lease, we'll need vital property documents such as your Gas Safety Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate, Electrical Installation Certificate, Proof of Ownership, and Buildings Insurance Policy. Once we have those, you can sit back and enjoy the guaranteed income.

Questions? We have answers

If your property is market ready and fully furnished with no health and safety issues inside, we aim to have your property occupied with a tenant within 7 days. Sometimes a delay can occur based on vacant periods being affected by the general rate in the area and time of year.

A property manager can advertise your property through online listings, social media, and their network, attracting potential tenants. They handle inquiries, viewings, and tenant screenings, maximizing exposure and finding the right tenants.

At Smart Properties we pride ourselves in our professional Tenant Screening Process. This is where we conduct a full background check which includes a credit and DBS check. We also go to the extent of verifying their employment, income, and rental history. This is to ensure there has been no issues with any previous late payments and previous evictions and falsehoods.

If the tenant does not have enough money to pay the rent, then we give them the chance to pay the remainder within the next week. If they fail to pay the remainder within that period, we then give them a warning and require the remainder of that payment in the following months rent. If the remainder of the payment is not paid in the following months rent, we issue them an eviction notice to be out of the property within 2 weeks.

At Smart Properties we cover all maintenance costs and receipt them to our landlords at the end of the calendar month. This method is easy as we don’t have to hassle the landlord every other day to cover costs before the work starts as this can sometimes cause conflict with the tenants if any payment is delayed.

Most of our clients never feel the need to enter their properties unless they need to. This is due to how well we manage their property. If a landlord wishes to enter their property, they are allowed to do so as long as they have provided us a minimum of 24 hour notice for us to pass on to the tenant. If a landlord enters the property without permission this will be seen as trespassing. The only reason for them to enter a property without permission is if there is a major emergency or If they have a court order.

At Smart Properties, we pride ourselves in putting your property on rent via an ASD contract. An ASD contract means that the tenant has to pay an Additional Security Deposit before they move into the property. This deposit is usually taken when they sign the contract, and this deposit is can either be kept by us or can be given to you. When the tenant leaves, we return their deposit only after doing an inspection of the property. If the property is in good condition, then the full deposit will be returned. If there is any damage in the property, then it will be deducted from their deposit. Please note that you are responsible for retuning the deposit on time if the deposit was kept by you from the start.

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